Hey dog owners -- out of respect for KIPP DC School, our neighbor and benefactor, please try to keep your dogs from doing their business on the newly and nicely landscaped areas around KIPP DC School.   Thanks.   
At its June meeting last night, Advisory Neighborhood Commission 2C approved, by a 3 to 1 vote, a grant application submitted by Friends of Bundy Park, Inc. for an ANC grant of $3,000.   The grant money will be used to pay for weekly waste removal, replacement  waste bags and monthly deodorizing for a full year in advance (and taking advantage of a prepayment discount).  Although no substitute for continued fundraising to pay for unexpected costs and to build a reserve for improvements and future waste removal and deodorizing services, this grant is a huge step towards ensuring financial viability and the future of Bundy Dog Park.   Big barks and lots of wagging tails to ANC 2C !!   Thank you!